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Remedy for Flu: My Shortest Flu Experience Ever

My buddy cancelled his lunch appointment with me once more. Why? For the reason that he is once more caught in mattress, unwell with “flu, sore throat plus a little bit of fever”. That incident triggered me to article this story regarding how I held my flu issues brief simply because I selected the appropriate solution for flu Cold or flu.

I’ve experienced from flu and chilly many occasions through the years. I’d personally usually get well from my runny nose, fever and sore throat after a few months. But my cough would linger on and on and on, as much as 2 months or even more.

I examine that long-term use of lingzhi (notably Yung Kien Ganoderma) and pollen is really a terrific treatment for flu as it’s really productive to improve one’s immune procedure to make sure that one isn’t going to drop ill so typically. And when a single is sick, the restoration charge is much a lot quicker. Really?

Well. It absolutely was set to check for the duration of Chinese New Calendar year this year. This is an account of my shortest flu knowledge that i can ever bear in mind.


My throat feels scratchy over the day but receives worse at nighttime. There exists agony with every swallow of my saliva. Have trouble sleeping. I used to be instructed swallowing Greenzhi Toothgel can sooth the swelling and ache brought about via the sore throat. Buddies who’ve attempted this technique report that it really is indeed really useful. I’ve never ever knowingly swallowed toothpaste in my life. So I am a bit apprehensive but somewhat determined. Right after some ponderings – just do it! I went towards the toilet, took a glob with the eco-friendly things and permit it glide slo-owly down my throbbing throat. Hhmm… tastes Alright. Feels calming.


Miracles of miracles, the sore throat is essentially gone but now my nose is dripping. Yup, many of the indicators of the flu. I experience so worn out. Really have to power myself to get by way of the two my appointments. There is an incredibly significant downpour. I get caught during the rain 7 periods scrambling out and in of my auto jogging errands. My nose gets even worse. I accumulate a massive pile of tissues in the course of my meal appointment. I boost my intake of lingzhi and pollen ahead of bed to strengthen my immune method. I place out the lights by eleven.30 pm immediately after accumulating a different load of tissues. But I used to be woken up in the course of the night for the reason that I am unable to breath. Miserable! Are not able to snooze effectively.


I truly feel even worse now. My nose is sort of a damaged tap – drip drip dripp drippp… a lot more tissues all through my brunch appointment. My head feels so stuffed up that i get a bit disoriented when working my errands in MidValley. Another mountain of tissues though replying my email messages. My nose is so itchy I keep sneezing. I have no power to go to the health club. During the night time I’ve an appointment I can not miss. Much more tissues. I am the 1st to simply call it an evening. So worn out and my nose feels so uncooked. I keep up my solution for flu – extra lingzhi and pollen.